My first thought when I hear the word brilliance is of the sun, moon and stars, much like the first definition from the dictionary, “intense brightness of light.” Most every day, at least in Dallas, we have the sun to wrap us in a brightness that is remarkable, especially when the temps are in the 100 degree range. But there are days, like those recently, when the temperature hovers around 70 degrees, and we long to be outside and bask in the brilliant, though more mellow, glow of sunlight and the rays that bring encouragement, hope and health. Even the full moon brought a stunning brilliance to the night sky just last week, and the clarity and twinkling of the stars never fails to delight.

Brilliance in technology delights all of us. When I think the technology is finally at its highest evolution, something new comes along, and there is an even higher degree of brilliance. The technology on our desks and at our fingertips was unimaginable a short time ago. Now we know that technological brilliance will continue to shine ever brighter as devices fall away and technology innovates and moves with us in everything we do.

As I reflect back on 2015, I am thankful I realized early in the year that I had taken a wrong turn and for the opportunity to start afresh with NeuvoNow in the summer. I’m grateful for those of you who helped me develop my vision and for the joy of booking new clients/engagements throughout the year. Thank you, my customers, supporters and friends. It was also my privilege to continue to support the Technology Ball, benefitting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The ball’s theme in November was brilliance and the inspiration for me to focus on the topic.

As I contemplate 2016, I recommend that you continue in your commitment, or make a new commitment, to business transformation, especially through digital technology, and invest in the brilliant people, technology, innovation and new business models and opportunities in our midst. We see breakthroughs in innovation almost daily. Make this the year that new becomes your mantra. Replace the tired, outdated methods and the “we’ve always done it this way” approach with inspired, dynamic, agile and effective processes. Take a fresh look at job descriptions, prototypes and launches. Caution! The longer you wait, the higher the cost to your company and your bottom line. Catching up is always harder than leading and is not nearly as effective or exciting.

Brilliance also applies to the people around me, such as you. I’m often amazed and delighted by the radiance of my customers, friends and co-workers. Finally, think of the brilliance that comes from the inside out, and it is spirit – love, joy, beauty, generosity, laughter, kind and comforting words, a helping hand, sometimes shared sorrow, and always great encouragement. Think of how glorious it is that all of that resides within you and me, and it’s amazing.

That leads me to a sense of awe and thankfulness for the brilliance of God and His gift of you to my life. Thank you for sharing through this year, through participating with me to benefit STEM and for your friendship. All of you, and the companies and products you represent, result in this magnificence that’s in our midst. May you have a blessed, prosperous, healthy and brilliant New Year.