Companies that aggressively adopted innovation as a core value over the past ten years now excel as innovation leaders in the marketplace. Innovation leaders are best poised to become a digital enterprise and focus on new customer strategies and creativity utilizing social, mobile, analytics and Cloud technologies.  Recent interviews of top innovators by NEUVONOW found their current focus to be on new business intelligence and solutions centered around:

  • Staying committed to innovation and current  on new strategies, such as the digital enterprise, to maintain market leadership
  • Mining data to engage and capture "voice of the customer" with the speed of real-time information
  • Capitalizing on practical benefits gained from innovation to date
  • Investing in new and differentiated leadership and technology refreshes and training at an enterprise level

Companies still  challenged with creating new products and services can use the NEUVONOW strategies for becoming a digital enterprise as the purpose and springboard for launching a focus on innovation. Gain insight into innovation processes and structures to embrace and enable change by:

  • Committing a defined level of resources to disruptive innovation

  • Educating and empowering employees on enhanced innovation practices

  • Building teams of “the brightest and the best” talent to lead disruptive and enhanced innovation throughout the enterprise

  • Creating relationships with customers, vendors, start-up companies and academia that include:

    • Ideation

    • Prototype participation and feedback

    • Innovation competitions

    • Partnering

in addition to sales strategies as a funnel for disruptive innovation




Innovation as an Organizational  Core Value

Innovation Structure & Measurement

Advanced Leadership & Enterprise Innovation Training & Enablement

NEUVONOW 5-Step Innovation Process

  1. Innovation Assessment

  2. Current Market/Industry Status

  3. Envisioning Future State

  4. Recommended Strategies & Structures for Innovation

  5. Mining Innovation Results


From the International CES, Keynote 2015: Fast Innovation: Disrupt or Be Disrupted will feature a discussion on the evolution of the connections between people, data, business and innovation as enabled by the Internet of Everything and a connected society.

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