Hiring & Retaining Top Talent

Right people/right jobs is mission critical for all organizations in the digital and global economy. Routine, non-cognitive work must go. Dynamic, energetic, innovative, engaged and empowered top talent are the strategic intelligence that is here to stay. The purpose is to transform the company into a leading, profitable digital enterprise  and brand. The speed factor? It’s now. You have to be ready to do “new,” NOW!

Focus talent investments on:

  • Creating interesting and compelling job descriptions for employees, candidates and the company
  • Using tools to determine core values alignment with job descriptions and planned contributions to ensure top performance
  • Training about all aspects of the job – the company, goals, deliverables, teamwork and specific skills

  • Identifying outstanding performers to lead cross-enterprise, strategic initiatives when business or market changes occur and train them continuously between projects



Strategic Workforce Planning

Core Values Index (CVI) Assessments

Special Team Creation, Training & Coaching


NEUVONOW 5-Step Top Talent Process

  • Reviewing Job Descriptions and Top Contributions 
  • Aligning Top Talent with Dynamic Jobs
  • Core Values Index (CVI) Assessments Copyright Taylor Protocols
  • Leadership and Team Workshops
  • Effective Organizational Structures

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